Scaling Alfresco, Part Zero




One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to go about building a large scale Alfresco platform.

The great thing is that the product is built in such a way that a single installation can be scaled upwards and outwards.

I am going to produce a set of articles that covers an Alfresco deployment from a single server instance (such as what you get if you use the installation Wizard) up to a n-tier, horizontally and vertically scalable solution.

Before we go much further I want to prescribe some prereading. This post is Part 0, becuase it is just the setup. The next post will deal with looking at Alfresco from a Single Server Architecture, while sowing the seeds to help you understand how everything can be broken out and scaled up later on.

As always, our Documentation pages [1] is the best place to start. It covers basic and advanced installation processes. I’m not going in to the details of setting up ImageMagick or similar products, I am just going to cover at an architectural level.

If you are not currently on an Alfresco One Support Program, you can access the Alfresco Scalability Blueprint here [2] after filling in a registration form.

This document presents the results of the Alfresco Enterprise benchmarks and uses them to analyze Alfresco 4 performance and scalability in an Enterprise collaboration scenarios. You can use this document as a reference for practical recommendations and best practices for successful sizing, architecture, and deployment of large-scale Alfresco solutions.

Alfresco One support customers can obtain the same document by logging in to the support portal [3] and searching for the article “How can I scale Alfresco Enterprise 4.0?”




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