Rollbase Scalability – Part Two




My previous article on scalability laid some ground rules around server sizes and gave you some homework to get ready for actually setting up a multi server Rollbase installation. In this article we will actually start to build it!

Originally I had everything crammed into this article, but it has turned out to be very long. So in the article I will focus on setting up the Database and Apache Servers – the next article will deal with Rollbase itself. We will only touch our Main Server briefly here in order to download the installation files. Continue reading Rollbase Scalability – Part Two

Rollbase Scalability – Part One




Whilst true scaling really depends on where the load is in your environment – every application may differ in terms of resource requirements – there are some basic guidelines to follow when building a scalable Rollbase infrastructure. Continue reading Rollbase Scalability – Part One

Scaling Alfresco, Part Zero




One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to go about building a large scale Alfresco platform.

The great thing is that the product is built in such a way that a single installation can be scaled upwards and outwards.

I am going to produce a set of articles that covers an Alfresco deployment from a single server instance (such as what you get if you use the installation Wizard) up to a n-tier, horizontally and vertically scalable solution. Continue reading Scaling Alfresco, Part Zero