Changing the Automatically Applied Disposition Actions in Alfresco Records Management




Tested in Alfresco 4.2.3 and RM 2.2

As you know, Alfresco has an events driven Retention and Disposition process, as part of the optional Records Management (RM) module.

There is a job executed that checks for the eligibility of any file to have a retention/disposition action automatically applied to it. If the action is manually applied before the job has a chance to run, there’s no harm done. But this job comes along behind and cleans up any missed files that are eligible for an action.

The actions that are available to be automatically executed are Retain, Cutoff, Destroy, Transfer and Accession.

The actions, however, that are actually configured to auto-occur out of the box are Cutoff and Retain. This means that if you want a file destroyed as soon as (or at least within 5 minutes in an out of the box configuration) it has become eligible for destruction, you have to do a little bit of configuration. Continue reading Changing the Automatically Applied Disposition Actions in Alfresco Records Management

Scaling Alfresco, Part Zero




One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to go about building a large scale Alfresco platform.

The great thing is that the product is built in such a way that a single installation can be scaled upwards and outwards.

I am going to produce a set of articles that covers an Alfresco deployment from a single server instance (such as what you get if you use the installation Wizard) up to a n-tier, horizontally and vertically scalable solution. Continue reading Scaling Alfresco, Part Zero

Using Alfresco in a VM Environment




The key to a stable and high-performance virtualised Alfresco environment is using the proper architecture in the virtualisation hosts. Out-of-the-box settings and slow disks might work for a test environment, but specific requirements need to be met when building the host system for proper performance to be achieved. Therefore, be sure to follow these minimum requirements when you design the virtualisation host infrastructure: Continue reading Using Alfresco in a VM Environment