Where the (insert a comfortable curse here – I have no problem with F***, but YMMV) have I been?

Well, I started on a project to blog about Document Management and how to do some cool stuff with Alfresco.

However one thing I never thought about happening has, well, happened. I’ve changed careers. Voluntarily. I love Alfresco, and the people who work there. But I realised that I needed to do something else for a while.

So now, I am no longer with Alfresco. I am with Progress – a very large database company. But I am not doing DB work per se.

I am with their Application Development and Deployment division – as a Senior Systems Engineer (read Pre Sales Technical) for the Rollbase RAD product.

So what is RAD? RAD stands for “Rapid Application Development”. Essentially it allows for agile development of web based applicationsand what you get out of it depends on how deep you want to go – you just want to prototype? Fine. It will do that. Do you need to bring an Excel Spreadsheet into the 21st Century? It can do that. Do you want to write Javascript based triggers to respond to data changes? Sure! Rollbase is easy to get into – and has a lot to master, so you do just want you want/need. A BA can knock up a skeleton in a day and hand it to a developer to write triggers and actions. Or you can do it all your self if you are inclined. Check it out!

So, what am I going to do here? Well, what I wanted to do for Document Management with a focus on Alfresco, but now for RAD and a Focus on Progress Rollbase.

Join me on the ride…

I will be shifting some stuff around on the site, and I have gone back to a basic theme until I figure out where I want this to be. Stay tuned.

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